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Hello! A friend has a nephew that just graduated from Digipen and is looking to get into Big Fish Games, Wizards of the Coast, Bungee, or some other electronic gaming company. He's a coder, fresh out of school. Does anyone have any leads I can pass onto my friend for her nephew? thanks!
Happy New Year (belated)!

My apologies for neglecting you folks here; I spend most days on Google Plus, but I do come back in read in bulk every few weeks.

I'm LoriPriebe there, and I have a blog on AndroidDissected, Screaming at Electric Sheep (in case you cannot get enough of me being all preachy about stuff).

Please check out the latest (Im)Perfect Manager: The Island of Misfit Toys.

Our book is published!!!!

The book is Done. The capital "D" is important there. You can purchase it on our Createspace store here (https://www.createspace.com/3821249) which nets us the most mullah, or through other channels (such as Amazon) which fetches us a lot less. Please buy from our store!

If a PDF version floats your boat, you can find us at DriveThruRPG here (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/104057/l.-a.-r.-p.-s.)

Note, there will be something special related to purchasing if you sign up (or have already signed up) for our mailing list through the Dreams of Deirdre newly revamped website (hat tip, bow, worshipping gestures to +Devon Apple for the new site!): http://www.dreamsofdeirdre.org/contact/index.html. We will not sell your information, but we will email you when a con is coming up and we're planning to be there.

Createspace, god love them, only has one spot for author, which David took, but the cover clearly has both our names and the insides have our amazing Editor, Wendy, and Artistic Designer God-like person, Devon, as well as notes about everyone else who has contributed to the -12 years of hard labor- the creation of this book. Much love to all of you that made this possible.
Work blocks LJ, FB and G+, and the mobile apps leave a lot to be desired. To sum up:

1) Working a job that I 2/3rds like and 1/3rd cannot stand. I have two bosses I adore and one boss that is a walking HR violation. I am looking for a new job; I've gotten close three times now, but haven't been able to make it to the finish line. This is depressing because (I know, wah, wah) I typically make it to the in-person interview and I'm in. Being a natural story teller + choosing a career as a manager/project manager has always sort of cinched it for me. Not so recently.

2) Working overtime at the job; lots and lots lately. Getting paid for it (yay), but it interferes with my ability to job hunt. Blorg.

3) The LARPS book is almost out; proofs are done, man. We're revamping the DoD website from it's sad, 1990's state, and when that's done we'll synch up the Create Space store and send out the emails. Yes, it took like 9 years to make this book. Shut up.

4) I have to write the game for Pacificon. I have been a stress bunny (see walking HR violation above). Having Matt here a week (we just had Matt here for a week!) has really helped lower my stress levels. I will probably get started on this soonish. It's 16 person, and, with David's program, I might be able to do the whole thing myself and not have to have him skill and stat. My husband is a genius.

5) Someone unplugged the refrigerator that the Seattle area lives in. It's been in the 80's. This is fine outside, but inside, our house was built to hold in heat. Less optimal. On the bright side, there's literally a bright side--the sun is out. I am sucking up the vitamin D while trying to avoid sunburn.

There's more, but that's what I've got for now. I'll be shilling for my blog in the next post. Enjoy!
I'm back at, you know, actually writing my blog on management. Check out the latest series on illness in the workplace.

You can find the latest here. Enjoy!

Dear Seanan

I just finished reading Feed. It was so good AND you made me cry. Can't wait to get my hands on Deadline. Thank you.
It's that time again! This week's topic for The (Im)Perfect Manager is Servant Leadership. The article is way more interesting than I'm making it sound, trust me.

Check it out here!
Today's column: Making stuff up and with some kind of plan involved so you don't end up living with stuff your boss (or his boss) has made up. Enjoy!
The latest (Im)Perfect Manager is up - Today is about the Don't Sue Me Stuff: Miscellaneous edition, where I talk about crying employees and contemplating baiting a trap with Syrup of Ipecac laced food.


Squares for Marcee

Hi All - We're doing a project for my friend (who also happens to be my best friend's mom). If you can knit or crochet, we're looking for 6x6 squares in all shades of blue, blue/purple, and/or bright sunny yellow (she loves irises) to be made with love and good thoughts for a lady who is taking the fight to cancer. If you are interested in participating, the lady coordinating this has put up a google doc--contact me (if you only know me) or Jade (who owns the doc) to get in and sign up for some squares.

If you cannot knit or crochet and still want to contribute, you can aquire a knitted item (like a pot holder or an old sweater from goodwill), think good thoughts at it while you 1) felt it slightly (using your washing machine on hot cycle) and cut out the square or 2) using a sewing machine (or hand-sewing) a 6x6 square area, then cutting out the square about a 1/2 inch from the sewing line as an allowance. (Please use a very different color thread from the yarn so that it can be visibly seen).

In the Seattle area, you can pass the squares on to me and I'll see to it that they get to the main assembler and coordinator (thank you, Jade!). If you are local to the bay area, you can give squares to Wendy, Amy or Jade. If you don't know who those ladies are but want to give a square anyway, contact me (randomgirl@gmail.com) and I'll find someone to take your good will as well as thank you profusely.

The hope is to assemble a blanket with which our friend can literally wrap herself in the comfort and good thoughts of all of us. If you want to make a square, great, but if you could spare a kind thought or prayer, that's fine, too.
oday's topic: Difficult people that affect your ability to do work. My discussion is on identifying them, their motives, and how to get your stuff done without committing homicide. Less fun, but in the long run, more effective.

You can read about it here.
Please check out this week's offering (and forgive me for not posting last week's offering--the post before this one will explain the combo of technology and cluelessness that led to this event).

Probably a little belated (probably should have posted this just before Thanksgiving) but the current post is all about dealing with the holidaze as a manager. You can find the latest here.

Happy Birthday twins!

Happy birthday to Bill and Jenn! You two fight it out over who the evil one is.
For the last three or four years, we've been using a dirty little secret for acquiring our Christmas tree: we go to the Ace Hardware. They are literally half the price of the normal places, and they're darn good trees. For the last three years we've gotten a tree, taken it home, put it in the stand, and called it good. Prior to that we had an old stand without all the doohickeys that help stand up the tree, and it was the most dreaded experience of the holiday holding the thing as straight as possible while David tried to put the screws in correctly so the tree did not tip at an angle.

Let's take a moment to reflect my beautiful husband has a perfectionistic streak, and that trees are immune to such callous concerns. They will grow zig zaggy or tilted. But once we started hitting Ace we got some nice, relatively straight ones.

Until this year.

We brought it home and David pulled out the lights, which were strewn across the living room floor. This is important to note, because in all future machinations with the tree, we had to avoid the land mines of small LED lights mocking us from the floor.

Problem the first: the trunk of the tree was too big to fit in the holder. This resulted in the loss of the little plastic doohickeys (on the lawn, at 8 pm). A manual saw, a lot of swearing, a flashlight and some patience later, and David found the doohickeys and cut the whole thing to size...but it still wouldn't fit.

We had paid about $35 for the tree; options were buy a new tree or get a new stand. David ran out and got a new stand. Note: I'm leaving out the period of time where we "kind" of got it into the stand and tried to set it up multiple times where it tilted, and the part where the old stand was broken by this man handling and began leaking. I've had fun before. This was not it. Though I admit that if I was watching us (and not actually us), I would have been highly amused.

David went out and bought a fancy stand that helps with the tilting problem for more than the cost of the tree. Which, then, the tree refused to fit inside. I learned this, having escaped to my office to avoid either David or I saying something unpleasant in the mist of all out frustration, by the sound of the chainsaw.

Eventually, David brought it in and put it in the stand and used the magic stand and got it to stand mostly straight. Apparently, somewhere along the line mother nature tried to take two trees and put them together at slightly different angles (or whatever reason a tree does not grow straight). The bottom of the tree was somewhat damaged, and while the tree looked the straightest it had been all night, these broken branches were prominent.

This led me to ask David to try to turn the tree. This led to thirty more minutes of attempting to do so with the new stand (which has two pieces that can move independently of one another, we learned). Eventually, David got it in some semblance of order. The lights were gathered and tossed into a closet to prevent kitties from chewing them and we went to the bedroom to stop looking at the tree.

Why, you might ask, was I not helping more? Well, David and I have an agreement. I will help with the tree being straightened and picking it out, but I don't water, and I don't do any of that other stuff, because I hate, hate, hate it. This is why David never has to handle kitty latrine duties. Druthers given, I would have an artificial tree, a point I was VERY GOOD about not pointing out last night, despite the desire to blurt it out repeatedly.

So, my honey is my hero. He made it work. And he used a chainsaw. And he still loves me (even though I broke the toilet at 7:30 am). People, this is what love looks like, and sometimes, it sounds like a running toilet or an in-use chainsaw.
This week we're discussing context and how that applies to responsibility and accountability.

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This week we're discussing context and how that applies to responsibility and accountability.

<a href="http://theimperfectmanager.blogspot.com/2011/11/excuses-reasons-responsibility-and.html"Enjoy!</a>
The latest (Im)Perfect Manager is up! I have yet another new series called "The Don't Sue Me Stuff" in which I talk about things you should probably research with your HR dept and be aware of, so, you know, you don't get sued. It's not legal advice (I am not qualified to give that), but it's stuff to keep in mind.
I have actually got posts up, but with vacation, new job, and trying to get new job, not so good on the promoting. The latest (Im)Perfect Manager is up, and this week is about actual disasters--real wrath of God stuff. Enjoy! But, enjoy quickly, as there will be a new one up tomorrow...

Happy Anniversary, My Love

9 years today...13 total. Wow. I love you.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.


I'd like to proudly announce that I have gotten a job. Probably the highest paying in my career. It starts the day after David and I get back from our anniversary trip (which we can now go on and not worry), next Wednesday.


Paperwork is signed!
It's that time again! This week's (Im)Perfect Manager finishes out the Leaving a Gig Professionally series. Sadly, this means I need to think new clever thoughts and soon to share with you for next week.

You can find this week's post here. Enjoy!
Well, was up; it went up yesterday when I was out in the wild world of the post office and car repair shop (free oil change and car wash for the win!).

This week's installment is about when you don't initiate leaving, but you're leaving anyway.
The latest (Im)Perfect Manager is up; I'm sure its no coincidence that this is the topic given my recent turbulence with the work situation. I think it's good information, regardless of the inspiration. Enjoy.
The full story is here.

She is the friend of a Google+ friend's niece, so I'm boosting the message; I know some folks on my F-list have friends in NY who might be able to keep a look out.

Thanks for anything you can do, including good thoughts.
This week's episode is "The $10,000 Pen," an anecdote about how a company handled some things badly, so you can try not to do the same. Enjoy!

Share Something Awesome: TV/Movie Edition

New Feature for my Online Presence: Share Something Awesome. This week, I'm requesting that you respond to this post with TV shows and/or movies that I and my friends would/should see and why. Extra bonus points for links to IMDB/Wikipedia/Amazon for data on the items in question.

At Con, we all talked about a lot of this, so I'd like to get a list going from my comments, which I will then share with ya'll before my next "Share Something Awesome."

I'll start:

Haven (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haven_%28TV_series%29) is probably my favorite show this season. The sheer creativity in the weirdness of the town and the deep compassion of the main character have me hooked.

The Closer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Closer) is probably my second favorite show (though I'm not especially happy with the arc this season). Southern woman (yes, I am biased, thank you for noticing) comes in, shakes things up, and solves crimes by being freaking clever both with evidence and how the human mind works.

The Avengers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Avengers_%28TV_series%29) is probably something everyone has had on their list at one point or another. I adore it, but especially the Mrs. Peel series; I do love that "Tara" from Leverage was named after Tara King, who came in to replace Mrs. Peel.

Leverage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leverage_%28TV_series%29) is probably my husband's favorite show -- I do like it a lot, too. Con men getting back at bad people in the way they know best. It plays a LOT like an RPG, which, incidentally, there is an RPG for it.

I Spy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Spy_%281965_TV_series%29) features Bill Cosby as a black man in the 60's in an equal partnership with a white guy. Also, Bill Cosby is sexy in this.Yes, people, SEXY. Chemistry between the two leads is amusing as hell, even if the stories aren't always the most challenging to unravel.

Now, it's your turn. Thanks!
It's about what to do in terms of attempting to reign in someone working for you (or with you) before you need to call in HR. While this doesn't build on my previous HR post, it compliments it nicely (or at least I think so and as the blogger that holds only as much water as you allow it).

Home. Safe. Chinese Food Ordered. Zzzzzz...
The second in my series "Screw Ups Happen," we talk about recovering from one (non-temper related). Please take a look.
The latest (Im)Perfect Manager is up. Today's blog post is another Xtranormal video where the boss is an idiot. Please enjoy learning about neutral and emotional language. My post from last week, Group Think, is also available in the archives (I shamefully forgot to promote it). I think I was slightly worried that the Bay of Pigs debacle's comparison to the office work environment might not go over as well as I'd hoped.

Check out this week's here and click archives to see last week's.
From my friend Yendi on LJ as paraphrased by me: Jim Hanley’s Universe S.I. (New York) suffered fairly severe water damage. Please help 'em out if you are a local by going to Jim Hanley’s Universe (33rd off 5th, next to the ESB) and buy a comic. If you are a comic reader (or just appreciate independently run businesses encouraging kids to read), consider going to Hanley’s this week and show your love.

Happy birthday, Dori!

I once told Shawn he was not allowed to go out with women with strange names anymore...it just ended badly every time. I relented when I found out your name rhymed with mine. I'm very glad that I did, as you are AWESOME to be around, and I'm happy you two found each other. I hope you have/had a lovely birthday and that you have many, many more of them!

XP G+: Better

Still not queen (or king). Percocet is apparently a variant of viocdin that makes me extremely lovey and talkative, but does not strip my filters like vicodin does. Yay! It stopped the pain in its tracks last night. New meds to clear up the issue were taken this morning. They must be mixed with a 4-8 oz beverage. Today I started my day with Pineapple juice. There are worse ways to start the day. Incidentally, this is the beginning of week 3 of the diet I resumed with David. The first two weeks have been punctuated with major stomach troubles, which have (not oddly) been good for my overall weight loss. I am hoping to NOT be that kind of sick in the third week. Everyone think good thoughts.

I'm Okay (mostly)

I am home. Not appendicitis, gall bladder infection, or gall stones. Totally boring CT scan (yay). Still in pain, of course (now with new symptoms because, surprise, there was a laxative in the 32 ounces of contrast solution I drank). Have tentatively diagnosed it as something gross that I won't share with you, but sufficing to say, other than being embarrassing, not life threatening. Meds will be done in about an hour at the Bartel's. David is making dinner.

Aug. 7th, 2011

Pain in top right abdomen returned this morning around 7:30--I promptly ignored it and went back to sleep, to be awakened by it a few more times. It's still going. I'm copying movies to my new tablet so I'll have something to do at the ER. I'm alternating between being truly scared (I can't afford to miss as much work as an appendectomy might require) and feeling like an idiot because it doesn't hurt that bad and I might just be imagining things. Don't worry, imagination or not, I'm going to get it checked out.
Lots of excellent responses from yesterday's question about tablets and netbooks, so here's today's challenge.

I have a digital photo frame. One of the first things I learned about it is that it will happily play avi files. I have grabbed a Fireplace AVI file (so I suddenly have a nice warm autumn fire at my desk if I like with full crackling sounds) and I just managed to pull over a really cheap aquarium DVD for the same thing (I now have a fish tank). So, what's your next suggestion of something that can play in a loop on the frame? Of course, I keep it at work, so nekkid people are right out.

Note: there's no stop and start--it's not supposed to be a movie player, although I do occasionally listen to Abbot and Costello or other movies that way when I'm working, but they have to be movies that can be played without pausing since pause isn't an available option. I do, however, put the aquarium and fireplace avi's on loop.

So what do you think? Beach on Hawaii (like I'm looking out a window)? Microbes in a petri dish? Rushing through outer space?

Please include links to DVD's or images where I might be able to buy or download an avi that you suggest for additional bonus points.
I'm tardy, but the blog went up like clockwork yesterday. This week's blog is about what what I'd like to share with you about what I think about Human Resources. This is not a purely negative piece; its basically what you need to think about/look at when you're a manager (and probably doesn't hurt to think about when you're an individual contributor).

You can find the post here. Enjoy!
I have a Toshiba Portege M700 as a portable laptop. It has a touch screen, which I adore. However, the battery life is very poor and it weighs a ton (and takes up a ton of space in a bag).

I am thinking of replacing the Portege with a netbook or a tablet or a netbook/tablet. It is unlikely I'll want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic on it, but I might want to check auctions (likewise with World of Warcraft). I do not need a CD drive--it's primary purpose will for me to be cruising the 'Net or playing games I've installed on it from CD (external drive), Steam, Big Fish Games, etc. I am a big gamer, but that's what my desktop is for. The replacement for my current laptop will also replace my ereader, so I need plenty of battery life as well as a touch screen that is light.

What do you think is good out there, at this time, that is 11 inches or under in screen size? (I can live without a dual core processor if I must, but would like to be able to expand to at least 2 GB of Ram)


Pictures of Newly Married Gay Couples

These are just beautiful photographs.
Today's episode is about when a member of your team screws up and you get in trouble because you're the boss. And, you know, what to do that doesn't include killing a co-worker. I know, I'm no fun at all.

Check it out.

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

I wish you lovely weather, healthy family (and kitties) and overall less crazy/drama. I hope you have an excellent day!
Or, that one time my team started playing "Sit on my face and tell me that you love me" really loud, with video and what I did next.

You can find it here.


This looks like it could be good

But then I'm a sucker for a red headed Celtic protagonist.

I also suspect this is something deirdremoon would be interested in seeing.

Happy Birthday, Amy!

I wish you the mad sex yo, beer, and as much fun and crazy as you want and can handle. Also, much love to you.


There is no cure for curiosity.
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